Meredith Foundation


Meredith Foundation: Giving Priorities

We require strategic focus, collaborative and innovative problem solving and proof of effectiveness from the organizations we fund. As a general rule, we do not support or sponsor fund-raising events and sports or health-related programs. While the majority of our discretionary giving is focused in the Des Moines community, our employee matching gift program directs funds to organizations that are important to our work force.

Arts and Culture
Because we believe the arts are essential both to the quality of life and the economic strength of a community, we support a variety of arts organizations and programs. Our emphasis is on helping to ensure that the arts are accessible to all residents, including children, the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged, and in helping art organizations build audiences and market their programs.

The focus in the education portion of our giving program is on specific journalism schools, particularly those with strong magazine programs. We may also fund select graphic design and business programs.

Human Services
Contributions to human services are focused on non-profit organizations within the Des Moines, Iowa community. ​

We have two time periods each year for submitting proposals. They are January 15 through March 15, and July 15 through September 15. The committee meets in April and October.