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The Family Circle Reader


Family Circle delivers essential advice for tough parenting challenges; provides fun suggestions for family activities; offers healthy and delicious recipes; and showcases projects to create a comfortable home.

Family Circle helps readers look and feel their best by delivering the latest health, diet and fitness news, and beauty and fashion tips.

Rate Base: 3.8 million

Demographic (000) % Comp
Women 19,015 100%
Age 18-34 3,251 17.1    
Age 18-49 9,265 48.7    
Age 25-54 10,471 55.1    
Age 25-49 8,161 42.9    
Median Age 50.5 Years  

Household Income
HHI $35,000+ 12,743 67.0%
HHI $40,000+ 11,686 61.5    
HHI $50,000+ 9,959 52.4    
HHI $60,000+ 8,166 42.9    
Median HHI $52,516  

Marital Status
Married 11,199 58.9%

Home Ownership
Own Home 14,625 76.9%
Median Home Value $186,087  

Att/Grad College+ 10,215 53.7%

Employed F/T or P/T 10,611 55.8%
Professional/Managerial 3,980 20.9   

Parent 6,393 33.6%
Families (Married and Parent) 4,364 23.0    
Any Child 0-17 years 7,444 39.1    
Mom w/Children 7-12 years 3,533 18.6    
Mom w/Children 13-17 years 3,459 18.2    

3+ Public Activities 2,095 11.0%

Principal Shopper 17,289 90.9%

Source: 2008 Spring MRI, Base: Women

Family Circle Readers Are Loyal
"Although I subscribe to many beautiful magazines, Family Circle is the only magazine I read cover to cover." — Denise Nyland

Family Circle readers are moms whose primary concern is the health and well-being of their family. With a 75-year legacy, Family Circle is their most trusted source of information for taking care of themselves and the ones they love. This unique relationship creates an intimate bond, an emotional connection between the magazine and its readers.

  • 42% of Family Circle readers have read 4 of the last 4 issues
  • 69% spent 45 minutes or more reading the magazine
  • 75% of Family Circle readers rate it as their favorite/very good

  • Source: Vista Print Effectiveness Rating Service, May 2008

    Our Readers Take Action on Your Ads
    Family Circle readers are the most responsive readers in the women's service field. Most importantly for advertisers, for the past 17 years, Family Circle readers have ranked #1 in taking action on ads.

    "I've been buying Family Circle for many years. This morning I picked up the issue...and it took my whole lunch hour to go through it twice. I used 38 sticky notes to mark things I'd like to do or make!" — Donna Allard

    "After finishing the article ‘Sleepless Beauty,' I set out with my shopping list and purchased the Clean & Clear Cleanser, Nivea Visage Simply Glowing and the Calgon Body Mist. I am totally delighted with the results." — Kristie Richerson

    The end result? Family Circle's environment creates stronger connections to readers, increases brand loyalty and delivers a powerful return on your investment.

    For more information, contact your Family Circle Account Manager or
    Carey Witmer, Publisher, 212-551-6956 or carey.witmer@meredith.com