Sales Guarantee


ROI Guaranteed

Most marketers believe that their actions drive revenue, but many find it difficult to prove. In a marketplace that is increasingly driven by data and with more advertising choices than ever before, it’s crucial that marketers know they’ll get what they want: a return on investment.

At Meredith we believe so strongly in our products’ ability to deliver results — we guarantee it. In partnership with third-party vendors, the Meredith Sales Guarantee is a proprietary
toolkit of measurement solutions that answers key questions critical to the success of a campaign. This enables us to guarantee incremental sales lift/conversion for our valued marketing partners and deliver positive campaign results across categories and platforms.

Accountability. It’s never been more important.
  • The Results

    We have guaranteed ROI/sales lift and have delivered positive campaign results across categories and platforms for 160+ advertising campaigns.


    The brands included represent over $250M in total advertising spending in Meredith properties over the period measured. 


    Exposure to Meredith advertising resulted in:

    • Sales lifts ranging from 1% to 150% vs. the control
    • Positive ROI up to $69 for every media dollar spent — for a total gain of over $1.5B 


    This study clearly demonstrates the ability of advertising in Meredith properties to increase sales and deliver measurable results.

    *ROI: Incremental sales generated per media dollar spent, no margin applied.
    Source: NCSolutions 2005 to Q1 2019 

  • Methodology

    Differentiating Variables: The only difference between the test and control groups is exposure to advertising in Meredith properties.

    Matching Variables: The brand/category purchase behavior, demographics, and geography between the test and control groups are identical.

    Measuring ROI*: Measure sales in control (unexposed) group vs. sales in test (exposed) group to determine average, incremental gain in spend per household.


    *ROI: Incremental sales generated per media dollar spent, no margin applied