Our Research Capabilities

Meredith is committed to innovation when it comes to gleaning actionable insights and measuring campaign success. Access to qualitative and quantitative resources, using both traditional and dynamic new approaches, enables us to deliver best-in-class solutions tailored to our customers’ strategic goals.
  • Women 2020

    Women 2020 is Meredith's latest proprietary study designed to help marketers understand the buying behavior and decision-making process of women through the lenses of life stage and the influence of technology. The study looks deeper into the categories of beauty, food and home. Data is available of Millennials, Total Women and Hispanics.

  • Consumer Insights

    With insights at the heart of what we do — driving editorial direction and the advertiser solutions we recommend — Meredith offers critical market intelligence about our core consumer. Our proprietary resources include:

    • Real Women Talking: Meredith’s private, invitation-only online community of 300 women, age 25-64, who share a passion for family, home and personal development. Facilitated by industry leader C Space.
    • Meredith Knows Women Panel: Meredith’s online panel of 200,000 women who have opted in to participate in ongoing research across all of Meredith’s print and digital brands.

    Our branded tools allow us to:

    • Uncover attitudes, preferences and motivations towards a category or brand
    • Test which brand features and benefits will drive purchase consideration
    • Gather insights about your brand and competitors
    • Explore marketplace opportunities
    • Elicit feedback on marketing concepts
    • Test creative impact and engagement
    • Fine-tune messaging
    • Collect verbatims and testimonials
  • Accountability

    Meredith customizes a measurement process based on each client’s individual goals and evaluates campaign impact on each stage of the purchase path. From “brand awareness” to our own industry-leading Sales Guarantee, we partner with leaders in the field to offer marketers the best accountability tools: