Meredith Predictive Intelligence


Predictive Intelligence

Meredith Predictive Intelligence helps marketers understand the why — not just the what — and how to use it to fuel your business growth.
  • Inspiring & Informing Trends

    Meredith is not just a media company. It’s a predictive intelligence powerhouse, fueled by 5 billion intent signals.


    Meredith’s proprietary Predictive Intelligence Platform is the first to discover what’s next – and popularize it through out 42 trusted, iconic brands.

  • How We Do It

    With unparalleled first-party data, proprietary research, and editorial & ecommerce expertise, we put proprietary insights into action every day so advertisers can confidently understand, respond to and get ahead of the trends that matter most.

  • Foresight in Food

    Meredith has predicted nearly every major food trend—including increased interest in hands-off cooking methods, non-wheat flours, and concerns about refined sugars. Our intelligence helps inform our content strategy, and better serve our audience. So, for example, when you see an Allrecipes Ban Mi sandwich video… It’s the result of a fast-moving trend in Asian-inspired sandwiches identified by Meredith in early 2017.

  • Setting Up Home

    When you see a Better Homes & Gardens fire-pit how-to video amassing 20M views... It's because of a real-time, 2019 trend seen by Meredith in indoor comforts being brought to the outdoors.

  • Travel Trends

    When you see Travel & Leisure’s list of top resorts for traveling with three generations… We see a trend based on a rising interest in ancestry that is creating a new business opportunity for the travel industry.

  • Activating for Our Partners

    Meredith Predictive Intelligence helps power your possible.

  • AI Driven Recommendations

    Meredith also uses machine learning/AI and predictive analytics to identify and activate trends for our partners. For example, in partnership with a vintner, we are launching a wine-recommendation tool that suggests bottles of wine to pair with certain recipes on The tool works via intelligent pairing algorithm, comparing recipe ingredients and attributes to metadata from the winemaker, and serves up suggestions that are shoppable and/or drive to retail. This integration will drive awareness, purchase consideration, and sales—all based on our deep understanding of consumers, and ability to engage smarter.