Committed to People and Communities

We’re committed to hiring and retaining a diverse staff that ultimately reflects the population of the U.S., while providing exciting opportunities for the next generation of media professionals to forge a fulfilling career. We support local communities through our many philanthropic efforts and donations, and we expect our staff and suppliers to follow human rights, health and safety, and worker rights policies.

Social Initiatives

As the nation’s largest brand-powered media company focused on women, we have abundant opportunities to use our influence for good. We’re committed to making progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion across our teams and content. And we’re proud to participate in initiatives that help the media industry and business overall re-examine their DEI practices to adapt to a changing landscape in order to better reflect the diversity of modern consumers and audiences.

COVID-19 Response

In the depth of the pandemic and the days that followed, we focused on deepening consumer connections and deploying vital and accurate/reliable information that helped families protect their health and safety, navigate their changing work and social environment, and make the most of their time at home. Our brands were there to help customers—and our employees—manage pandemic-related stress. Learn more about our COVID-19 response.


We give amazing minds a place to create amazing work. Our people are a competitive advantage and our most important resource. We’re committed to hiring and nurturing the best and brightest in the industry to drive our company forward. Learn more about our focus on talent.

Human Resources

Our human resources initiatives are designed to attract, develop, and retain a diverse group of highly qualified employees who embody values such as integrity, creativity, courage, initiative, passion, energy, teamwork, inclusiveness, and respect for others. Learn more about our HR efforts.


We have an extensive and award-winning wellness program that’s available to employees and their spouses/domestic partners. It includes initiatives related to physical and financial wellness, nutrition and healthy eating, and stress management. Learn more about our focus on wellness.

Community Giving & Volunteerism

We contribute nearly $4 million annually to nonprofit organizations, as well as thousands of hours of volunteer time supporting community charities. Employees across the company are also highly engaged on nonprofit boards and boards of professional organizations. Learn more about our community giving and volunteer efforts.


Fostering an environment where all feel welcomed and valued—within our brands as well as on our staff—is an essential part of the future success of our company and serving our increasingly diverse audiences. We’re committed to diverse, equitable, and inclusive representation in our content, our workforce and our leadership team, and are continuously working to grow and improve our DEI efforts. Learn more about our focus on DEI.