High Ethical Standards

We demonstrate the highest standards of ethical conduct and expect our business partners to do the same. We report results with accuracy and transparency, in full compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations that govern our enterprise.

Our Governance Commitments

Our company was founded upon service to our customers, and we are committed to building value for our shareholders. Our products and services distinguish themselves on the basis of quality, customer service, and value that can be trusted.

Corporate Governance

Corporate ethics, integrity, and compliance with the law are essential to our success, and we have always adhered to the highest standards as we conduct our business. Learn more about our corporate governance policies as part of our ESG effort.

Data Privacy & Security

Our readers and viewers entrust us to keep their data safe and to manage it responsibly. We honor that trust by diligently securing audience data and ensuring individuals can control how and when their personal information is used in our systems and with our advertising partners. Learn more about our focus on data privacy and security.


Our business is built on creating original content and serving our audiences, who turn to our brands as trusted sources of news, information, inspiration, and entertainment. Maintaining journalistic integrity is the core of our value proposition—it’s what entices, empowers, inspires, and engages our readers and viewers and attracts advertisers who need to reach them; and it’s how we distinguish ourselves in a crowded media marketplace. We are committed to safeguarding the independence of our editorial staff, boards, and content; and upholding high standards for the accuracy and value of our content both editorially and in the advertising we publish. Learn more about our commitment to integrity.

Technology & Digital Transformation

The opportunity to publish content beyond the pages of print magazines enables us to reach an even broader and more diverse audience and to reduce our environmental impact. In our offices, increasing digital access also helps ensure business continuity and minimizes supply chain disruptions. Learn more about our focus on technology and digital transformation.