Committed To Doing What’s Right

Through our extensive portfolio of brands, we inform, inspire and entertain our readers and viewers. We take very seriously the trust they place in us. We’re applying that same level of care and commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for Meredith and our clients, investors, employees and business partners. We’re pleased to share our ESG journey and growth with you.

Letter From Our Chairman, CEO, and President, Tom Harty

Meredith has been a vital and trusted source of information, inspiration, and entertainment for nearly 120 years. We’ve met every challenge head-on, with a focus on service to customers and communities, and without compromising the integrity and trust that are the foundation of our relationships with consumers, advertisers, colleagues, and other stakeholders.


The past year presented a number of challenges beyond COVID-19, including unprecedented social and political unrest, economic uncertainty and climate concerns. Each influenced the way we work, our relationships with friends and family, our cooking habits, our reading and viewing habits—in short, everything.


At Meredith, our heightened focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies helped us honor the relationships, values, and commitments that have made us one of the nation’s leading multichannel media companies.


We leveraged our unparalleled understanding of American consumers—especially women—to adapt our editorial content even as we strengthened our employee safety protocols, heightened our commitment to environmental sustainability, and continued our tradition of supporting and giving back to our communities at the individual, team, and corporate levels.


As I look at the ESG opportunities we face in the coming years, Meredith’s commitments will drive our services and innovation forward. At the company level, we formed an ESG Leadership Council, a group of the most senior leaders at Meredith, to bring greater intentionality and energy to our ESG strategy. We're also planning to join the United Nations Global Compact in March 2022. In this report, you’ll begin to see how our work aligns with that organization’s Sustainable Development Goals, with updates in subsequent years.


You’ll also learn about our:

  • Environmental sustainability efforts, including our work to track and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our responsible paper sourcing, and our LEED certifications.
  • Social goals, including our progress toward pay parity; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and talent management.
  • Governance initiatives—an area where transparency is more important than ever—including insights on our data security and privacy policies, our commitments to journalistic and advertising integrity, and a clear outline of our corporate governance structure.


We look forward to doing more in fiscal 2022—and to being more disciplined and intentional about sharing, measuring, and reporting on our goals and commitments in the future.


On behalf of everyone at Meredith, I hope you’ll join us on this journey and encourage you to visit this website to stay up to date on the latest developments.


Tom Harty

Chairman, CEO, and President