Anti-Fraud Policy

Meredith is committed to a brand safe, viewable, non-fraudulent environment for its digital advertisers. To that end, the company is actively engaged with numerous industry initiatives dedicated to establishing accountability standards.

TAG Registration

Created by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), TAG is a cross-industry accountability program fighting criminal activity across the digital advertising supply chain.


This voluntary registry identifies trusted participants in the digital advertising ecosystem, enabling companies to feel confident that they are doing business only with responsible partners and avoiding association with criminal activity throughout the entire supply chain. The TAG Registry creates a closed system including supply chain participants that demonstrate their commitment to higher standards of transparency and disclosure to their partners. Registered as of November 2017.

TAG “Brand Safety” Seal

Meredith is committed to upholding Brand Safety and Digital Advertising integrity. This verification, independently validated, demonstrates Meredith's compliance with industry best practices in combatting the negative impact of ad misplacement across the digital advertising supply chain. Certified as of September 2021

TAG “Certified Against Fraud” Seal

TAG ad fraud certification provides an auditing framework to ensure compliance with industry anti-fraud guidelines. This includes disclosing traffic acquisition data and ensuring that payments made in the digital ad ecosystem are going to legitimate companies. Certified as of November 2017.


A cooperative private marketplace developed by DCN (Digital Content Next) with the aim to restore Trust in programmatic advertising through invitation-only entry, MRC viewable impressions, via a not-for-profit exchange.


Integrated as a Supply Side Platform (SSP) within our client side header bidding wrapper, TrustX transacts on viewable, premium publisher inventory and guarantees the buy side a secure place to access premium and viewable inventory in the open market.


As a founding member of TrustX, Meredith continues to actively participate in product development and testing. Partner since October 2017.

IAB Tech Lab: ads.txt

An IAB specification intended to “increase transparency in the programmatic ad ecosystem,” combat domain spoofing, and eliminate counterfeit inventory opportunities.


Ads.txt files are domain-specific and represent a public listing of authorized sellers & resellers (along with their publisher-specific IDs) of inventory on that domain. Buyers scan these files to verify they are buying legitimate traffic from an authorized (re)seller. Transactions and revenue recognition are then associated with the IDs. Fully implemented.