Sales Guarantee

ROI Guaranteed

In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to see the return on your media investment. With the Meredith Sales Guarantee, we became the first publisher to measure and guarantee the incremental sales impact of advertising.

  • The Results

    We started with print, expanded to digital and cross-platform and, to date, have conducted 66 measurements across multiple categories. In every case, our advertisers have seen a positive ROI and increase in sales.


    The brands included represent over $109 million in total advertising spending with Meredith magazines over the period measured.


    Exposure to Meredith advertising resulted in:

    • Sales lifts ranging from +1% to +47% vs. the control
    • Positive ROI ranging from $1.16 - $27.80 for every media dollar spent —
      ​for a total gain of $649 million

    *Nielsen Catalina Solutions Print Effect 2009-2016

  • Methodology

    Differentiating Variables: The only difference between the test and control groups is exposure to advertising in Meredith properties.

    Matching Variables: The brand/category purchase behavior, demographics, and geography between the test and control groups are identical.

    Measuring ROI*: Measure sales in Control (unexposed) group vs. sales in Test (exposed) group to determine average, incremental gain in spend per household.


    *ROI: Incremental sales generated per media dollar spent.