Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to learn more about Meredith Corporation, its businesses and products by visiting the links throughout this web site. Information on specific employment benefit opportunities and programs may be found within the Career pages of this site.

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) may help to answer any questions you may have regarding pursuing a career at Meredith Corporation.

Q. Can I talk with someone about working at Meredith or to learn more about employment opportunities?
A. All available employment opportunities, nationwide, may be found within the Career pages of this web site. Our job listings are continually updated. Check the site frequently for new additions.

Q. Can I send a resume and be considered for any job - current or future?
A. You may submit a candidate profile, including a cover letter and resume, to posted jobs in our Career Center.

Q. Do I need to submit a resume every time I want to apply for a job?
A. You must submit a candidate profile, including a cover letter and resume, to each posted job for which you have interest.

Q. How long does it take to fill a job?
A. The length of time will vary from job to job. Once your candidate profile is received it will be evaluated by human resources to determine if your experience meets the job requirements and hiring specifications. If an interview is desired, you will be contacted.

Q. How do I know if a position has been filled?
A. Only currently-available positions appear on the online Career Center. If you interviewed for a position and were not selected, you will be notified.

Q. Your job posting asked for samples. What kind and how many?
When responding to an editorial position, please submit 3 published writing samples. When responding to a design position, please submit 4 - 5 examples of applicable design work.

Q. I am a student. What courses do I need to take to get a job at Meredith Corporation?
A. Visit your counselor/advisor to determine what aspect of the media business you are interested in pursuing. We employ nearly all business disciplines, as well as those suited specifically to magazine/book publishing, broadcasting, interactive media and integrated marketing.

Q. Do you have a college-level internship program, and how do I apply?
A. Information on our Summer Internship Program may be found within the Career pages of this web site, under Internship Opportunities. Program details are updated each November.

Q. Who do I contact with technical difficulties and/or system-related questions?
A. Questions can be directed to Note: Resumes and cover letters will not be accepted at this address.

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