Cancellation. Cancellation of or changes in orders are not accepted after closing date, and none may be considered executed unless acknowledged in writing by the Publisher. There will be an overtime charge for missing a closing deadline. Amount charged will be at the discretion of the Publisher.

Publisher shall have the right to require payment for advertising upon such terms as Publisher sees fit prior to publication of any ordered advertisement. Publisher reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time upon default in the payment of bills. In the event of such cancellation, charges for all advertising published shall become immediately due and payable. Furthermore, if there has been any default in the payment of a prior bill, or if, in the sole judgment of Publisher, credit becomes impaired, Publisher shall have the right to require payment for further advertising under this contract upon such terms as Publisher sees fit. Agency and advertiser will be held jointly and severally liable for payment to Publisher.

Rate Protection Policy. Rate changes will be announced 30 days prior to the closing date of the issue in which new rates take effect. Orders for subsequent issues will be accepted at the rates then prevailing.

Commission. 15% to recognized agencies*; remittances due on or before 10th day following invoice date. For all space not placed through recognized agencies,* remittances at card rate must be received no later than closing date. All remittances must be in United States exchange.

*Recognized agency as used in this rate card refers to an individual or group of individuals who make the media selection, handle the order, coordinate and process the space placed with the Publisher under the terms of this rate card, furnish and prepay transportation and import charges on all printing materials submitted, and process prompt payment.

Copy and Contract Regulations. The Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject or cancel all advertising copy or orders for any reason, at any time, and final decisions on all orders will be made at the office of Meredith Corporation, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023. All position stipulations appearing on orders will be treated as requests. The Publisher will not be bound by any terms or conditions oral or written on order blanks, in agency forms, with copy instructions or otherwise which conflict with the provisions of this rate card. No allowance will be made for errors in key numbers.

The advertiser and advertising agency jointly and severally agree to indemnify and hold Publisher harmless against any damages and expenses of any nature incurred by Publisher arising out of publication of material appearing in advertisements submitted by them for publication including, but not limited to, Publisher's defense against any suit or proceeding arising from a claim that publication of material appearing in advertisements submitted to it for publication was in violation of the rights of others or a law imposed by the United States or by any state or subdivision thereof. Publisher shall have no liability to an advertiser or advertising agency because of a failure to complete advertising orders which have been accepted, due to acts of God, strikes, work stoppages, fires, accidents, postal delays or any other circumstances of whatever nature beyond its control. Under no circumstances shall Publisher's direct or indirect liability to an advertising agency or advertiser exceed the invoiced cost of the advertisement.

The parties agree the contract is entered into in Iowa and is governed by Iowa law. If the Publisher engages the services of a collection agency, or files suit to collect advertising charges due, it is understood all additional expenses and costs incurred, including attorneys' fees, shall be due and payable and agency and advertiser agree to pay same. If an account is placed with a collection agency or attorney for collection, all commissions and discounts will be rescinded or become null and void and the full rate shall apply. Credit must be established ten working days prior to the issue close date or prepayment is required. Advertiser and agency will be jointly and severally liable for payment to Publisher.

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