WOOD® Online Programs and Ad Rates

Section Sponsors
The WOOD Online sections listed below receive more than 155,000 unique visitors per month. An advertiser can sponsor any one of these highly visited areas below with a 120 x 60 pixel logo.

Section Sponsor logos are $1,000/month, and the logos must:

Web Partners
For maximum visibility, Web Partner logos (not banners) appear on the right-hand side of the top seven most-visited pages at WOOD Online, including the home pages for the Discussion Groups, Wood Profiles, Woodworker's Software, Shop Tips, Idea Shop* Tours, and others. Each of these pages contain four positions (top to bottom) with three to five sponsor logos, in a rotation, in each of the positions. On the average, a Web Partner logo will show up 20 – 33 percent of the time for an average of more than 200,000 impressions per month.
Web Partners logos are $1000/month, and the logos must:

Downloadable Content Sharing
The WOOD Store at WOOD Online is now the premiere online source for downloadable woodworking plans and information. Currently, the WOOD Store has more than 500 WOOD-magazine tested Plans and Articles to choose from. Each download can be leased to other internet sites on a monthly basis. This allows other sites to add high-quality content at a fraction of the cost of producing the information themselves. These are the same plans and articles that normally sell in the WOOD Store for $5.95 or more.
Downloadable plans and articles are $500/month each.

Banner Placements on WOOD Onilne and the WOOD Mall

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