WOOD Online, found at www.woodmagazine.com, prides itself as both an in-depth woodworking informational site and an online woodworking community.

At WOOD Online woodworkers can reference basic woodworking information, watch instructional woodworking videos, share information on the woodworking forums, and use the online searchable index to locate features or projects from past.

In addition to WOODMagazine.com, the editors of WOOD Magazine have also created the WOOD Store and WOODWorkersCenter.com, and the WOOD Online Newsletter. The WOOD Store contains WOOD Magazine's print and downloadable products, while WOODWorkersCenter.com provides users with an online destination that assists them at all points of the product buying process.

The community portion of WOOD Online is accomplished through our numerous active woodworking discussion forums, the Woodworking Club section, and our Idea Shop™ Tours.

WOOD Online has monthly averages of:

162,000 unique visitors
2 million page views

Now you can capitalize on the growing Internet woodworking market by including WOOD Online as part of your overall advertising package.

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