The 2006 WOOD Magazine® Subscriber Study is part of WOOD’s ongoing commitment to provide our advertisers with accountable information on audience demographics, activities and purchasing behaviors.

Skilled & Active
Avg. # of years woodworking 17.4
Avg. # of projects completed per year 7.5
Avg. hours spent woodworking per week 8.3
Category Investment
Avg. $ spend on tools/supplies past year $1,590
Avg. $ spent on workshop since began woodworking $11,450
Involved Readers
Spend 1.4 hours with each issue of WOOD (average)
82% save their issue for future reference
63% agree/strongly agree that they enjoy looking at advertising in WOOD magazine
85% agree that WOOD is the #1 woodworking magazine for project plans, ideas, and tools
Demographic Profile
Male/Female Ratio 97/3
Median Age 59
Married 84%
Median Household Income $71,700
Attended/Graduated College 64%
Employed in Woodworking 21%
Home Ownership 98%
Median Home Value $222,600


Source: 2003 WOOD® Magazine Subscriber Study

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