As part of WOOD's commitment to bringing advertisers new information about the woodworking marketplace, WOOD Magazine commissioned NFO Research to conduct a nationally projectable Market Segmentation Study. This two-phased research program:

  • defines the size of the US marketplace
  • provides a profile of woodworking consumers


13% of All US Households Are Woodworking Households

6 Segments Comprise the US Woodworking Market, defined by unique attitudes and behaviors:

  • Enthusiastic Experts. Do many woodworking projects, enjoy challenging projects, like to talk about woodworking and teach/mentor others, are information hungry.
  • Home Enhancers. Do woodworking to enhance their home, consider themselves very technical, read magazines and use other information sources.
  • Up & Comers. Lack confidence in their woodworking skills, would like to be better woodworkers but don't know how to get to the next level, need specific detailed instructions.
  • Gift-Givers. Most projects are simple, small-scale items made as gifts, more interested in decorative than functional, not technical people, never gave woodworking a thought until they were adults.
  • Dabblers. Woodworking is a lower priority than other hobbies & interests, stick to simple projects they know they can complete, not good enough to spend a lot of money on their shop or tools.
  • Self-Sufficient Pros. Feel a true woodworker does not need directions, are satisfied with their current ability, do not feel a need for more/better tools.


  Enthusiastic Experts Home Enhancers Up & Comers Gift Givers Dabblers Self- Sufficients
Skill Level Advanced Somewhat Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner/ Intermediate Advanced
Interest Do Most Want To Do More Desire To Improve Want To Do More Low Priority Satisfied with Current LevelĘ
Type of Projects Challenge Large-Scale Like Kits Decorative Simple Complex
$ Spent on Tools Spend Most Likely to Buy More Less Tools/ Open to More Seasonal/ Less Tools Small Shop/ Less Tools Satisfied with Tools Owned
Role of Magazines/ Information Info Hungry Seek Info Needs Directions Not Technical Low Interest No Directions Needed

Source: Findings as reported in the 1999 NFO Market Segmentation Study. Segmentation and behavioral profile collected through a follow-up questionnaire mailed to a random selection of 1667 woodworking households. Phase 2 data based on 1105 survey returns, or 66% completion rate.


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