As part of WOOD's commitment to bring advertisers new insights about the woodworking marketplace, WOOD has developed an exclusive research initiative, The WOOD Enthusiast Panel™. The Panel provides advertisers with timely, market-sensitive information about the consumer purchasing dynamics, including data on brand awareness, category trends and woodworking habits and skill levels.

Panel Objectives
The WOOD Enthusiast Panel™ was formed to provide marketers with:

  • A continuous profile of woodworkers' behaviors, activities and needs
  • An ongoing picture of what drives consumer purchases in the woodworking industry
  • A profile of WOOD Magazine readers and what they look for in woodworking products

WOOD Enthusiast Panel™ Profile

Experienced & Active
Avg. # of years woodworking 16.6
Avg. # of projects completed per year 12.8
Avg. hours spent woodworking per week 12.8
Planned Purchases
Plan to buy Benchtop/Stationary tools next year 61%
Plan to buy Portable Power tools next year 40%
Plan to purchase miscellaneous tools & supplies next year 25%

Demographic Profile

Male/Female Ratio
97% / 3%
Household Income (median)
College (Attended/Graduated +)
Woodworking Professionals (household)
Home Ownership
Home Value (median)



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