In every issue:
For You (Para ti):

  • Fitness: How to stay fit during nine months of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy news: The latest news for pre and post natal care
  • Beauty: Safe beauty products to use during pregnancy
  • Nutrition: What to eat while you are expecting that will keep mom and baby healthy

Your Pregnancy (Embarazo):

  • Fetal development: Explained by trimester
  • Labor and delivery: Pain management and what to expect the day of your delivery
  • Natural childbirth
  • C-Sections
  • Mid wives and doulas

Your Baby (Tu Bebé):

  • Your newborn's body
  • How-to's: How to swaddle your baby/ how to make your crib safe
  • Nursing: How to overcome nursing difficulties
  • Your life as a mom: How to prepare for work with a baby at home; how long you should wait before getting pregnant again
  • Shopping guide: Must have products moms-to-be will need to buy for baby
  • Book excerpt from: "What to Expect When You are Expecting"

Ad Close: 1/10/13 | Distribution: 3/7/13 

•Style: Affordable maternity clothing staples for spring that women will love
•Beauty: Look gorgeous in a flash with safe beauty finds
•Finances: Choosing a guardian and having a living will
Ad Close 5/3/13 | Distribution: 6/28/13
•Prenatal fitness: The pregnant woman's guide to the gym: what's safe and what's not?
•Style: Bathing suits and beachwear that flatter your bump
•Beauty: Beach bag essentials for your bare bump
•Pregnant and working: How to tell your boss you are expecting and know your rights

Ad Close 9/12/13 | Distribution: 11/7/13
•Finances: How much does it cost to raise a child?
•Style: All about layering
•Post natal fitness: Lose the baby weight
•Beauty: Take care of sensitive skin

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