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Welcome Spring
Ad Close 12.11.15 Distribution 2.5.16
Kids' Health: Raise a child with special needs
Food/Nutrition: Easy recipes/How much milk should my toddler be drinking?
Behavior: Teach your kids to get along with others
Safety: 10 tips in case of an emergency
Beauty/Health: The best 25 products for moms/American
Heart month
Home: Involve everyone in spring cleaning

Finance: Best tax practices when you have dependents
Travel: Family destinations for spring break
Pets: What to do when your dog bites

The Green Issue
Ad Close 1.29.16 Distribution 3.25.16
The Latest In: Green sustainable living
Kids’ Health: Why should I get my children vaccinated?
Food: Healthy/easy-to-cook dinner recipes
Behavior: Help child #1 understand that child #2 has arrived
Development: Succeed at school with autism
Outdoor Fun: Favorite Latino family activities
Beauty: Preserve the natural glow after having a child/How to cope with pregnancy brain

Home: Kid’s garden: teach children the importance of loving Mother Earth
Finance: How to buy your first house

All About Mom
Ad Close 2.26.16 Distribution 4.22.16
The Latest In: Innovations that ease Mom’s life
Kids’ Health: Keep asthma under control: Medical breakthroughs and home remedies
Food: Best recipes to celebrate Mother’s Day
Behavior: Help your child understand you have a career
Safety: Outdoor first aid tips
Beauty: Evergreen beauty secrets to pass on
Gift Guide: Unexpected gifts for active moms
Home: Cleaning guide to keep allergies under control
Finance: How to invest your income tax returns

Summer Fun/Active Life
Ad Close 4.1.16 Distribution 5.27.16
The Latest In: Coolest outdoor toys
Kids’ Health: Best sun protection tips
Food: Kid-friendly grilling recipes
Behavior: Playground etiquette
Safety: Immunization practices
Fun: The best zoos in the country
: Hair and skin: 2-in-1 sun protection products
Relationships: “No children allowed” vacations
Travel: Florida: Undiscovered treasure

: Apps that help you save
Pets: Outdoor activities

Ad Close 5.27.16 Distribution 7.22.16
The Latest In: The trendiest back-to-school accessories and supplies
Kids’ Health: What does a gluten-free diet do for kids?
Food: Healthy and easy school snacks
Behavior: At-home art projects
Fashion: Must-haves for the school year
Culture: Learn life lessons from your tech-savvy kids
Beauty: Nails and Makeup: DIY home kits for the busy mom
Special Report: Choose the best after-school programs/The top 25 Latino executive moms
Finance: Avoid common family finance mistakes

The Hispanic Community
Ad Close 7.29.16 Distribution 9.23.16
The Latest In: Halloween costumes for the entire family; tools
to raise bilingual kids successfully
Kids’ Health: Control food allergies
Food: Dinners that celebrate Hispanic heritage
Safety: Choose the safest stroller for your baby
Education: Celebrate Spanglish: embracing bilingualism
Culture: Timeless lessons from your abuelita
Beauty: Fall color trends in makeup, nails and more/Motherhood and plastic surgery
Special Report: 10 best family cars 2016
Finance: Teach children the value of money
Pets: Teach your dog what ‘no’ means

Toy Special
Ad Close 9.2.16 Distribution 10.28.16
The Latest In: Indoor activities
Kids’ Health: Surviving the cold season
Food: Kid-friendly Thanksgiving/Fighting obesity/Delicious sugar skulls made at home
Culture: Adopt new Thanksgiving traditions
Values: Teach your kids to be proud of their heritage
Toys: Best toys of the year
Development: Family gadgets to make your life easy
Beauty: Skin care for all skin tones
Travel: 10 fun family road trips
Special Report: Too much or too little homework? Find the
right balance
Finance: How to build up your credit

December/January 2017
Ad Close 9.30.16 Distribution 11.25.16
The Latest In: Holiday gift guide
Kids’ Health: Prevent transmission of diseases when traveling
for holidays
Food: Healthy holiday food with a Latino twist/Controlling sugar
and sodium
Safety: Keep kids safe while traveling
Development: Music to boost baby’s brain
Technology: Choose the right computer for your little one
Beauty/Health: Flawless holiday mom: Get the perfect look/
Best detox practice to start the year
Relationships: Resolutions for you and your partner
Finance: Prosperity plan 2017

Pets: Understand your dog’s behavior when it gets scared

* All dates and editorial subject to change.

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