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Health and Nutrition
Ad Close 12.12.14 Distribution 2.6.15
Voices: Is self-esteem hereditary or acquired
Kid’s Health: Diabetes; from heritage to reality
Food/Nutrition: Mood Foods
Behavior: Positive reinforcement
Beauty: New spring fragrances
Relationships: Raising a bicultural/bilingual family
Travel: Florida’s Gulf Coast bliss
Food: Power breakfast meals
Finance: Is my money safe at the bank?
Pets: The best pets for your kids

The Green Issue
Ad Close 1.30.15 Distribution 3.27.15
Health: The persistent cough
Development: Good things kids learn from your bad habits
Earth Day: Earth loving crafts that teach the basics
Beauty: Top five natural ingredients
Food: Nutritious snacks
Special Report: My life with autism
Family Travel: Puerto Vallarta and Playa Nayarit
Relationships: Dating tips for singles
Finance: Sending money to the family overseas
Star Mom: Implementing a love of the earth
Pet Column: The family puppy; Daddy & Me selfie contest

All About Mom
Ad Close 2.20.15 Distribution 4.17.15
Health: 10 tips for surviving allergy season
Safety: Help your kids love swimming
Technology: Keeping up with your kids
Behavior: Parenting agreements before baby arrives
Beauty: Mommy makeover tips
Culture: Sleepovers and the cultural clash
Finance: Credit Unions vs. banks
Food: Nutritious grilled cheese…it’s possible
Relationships: 30 days of love: How to make mom smile everyday
Star Mom: Balancing life and work
Travel: Top 10 Mother’s day weekend getaways

Summer Fun/Active Life
Ad Close 3.27.15 Distribution 5.22.15
Health: Family sun protection plan
Safety: Pack your picnic basket
Travel: The 10 best theme parks in the U.S.
Beauty: Look beach ready
Culture: Granny vs. Nanny childcare solutions
Birthday Feature: Top 10 food chains
Food: Grilling with kids
Relationships: My husband makes more money
Star Dad: Active outdoor family activities
Special Report: Companies that support child initiatives
Finance: Stop fighting about money
Pets: Nina gets fleas: how to get rid of them; Daddy & Me selfie contest winner featured

Ad Close 5.29.15 Distribution 7.24.15
Special Report: 25 Latina executive moms who make a difference
Wellness: The ABC’s of breastfeeding
Health: St. Jude’s mission to fight childhood cancer
Star Mom: What’s up with homework help?
Education: 25 milestones Latino kids reach
Must Haves/Do’s: Recap of Ser Padres Day event/Top 5 children’s books
Fashion: Back-to-school fashion
Culture: 10 sex answers to have ready
Food: Salads galore
Finance: Building and rebuilding credit
Beauty: End of Summer Beauty Rehab
Relationships: The most romantic getaways
Travel: 3 family friendly U.S. road trips

Fun Cooking with Kids Special Issue
Ad Close 7.7.15 Distribution 8.27.15

The Latino family/Day of the Dead
Ad Close 7.24.15 Distribution 9.18.15
Must Have’s/Do’s: Day of the Dead activities
Health: The vaccine debate
Safety: Top 5 car seats of 2015
Travel: 10 U.S. cities for families to visit
Behavior: Big Sibling Blues
Star Mom/Dad: Teach your kids to dream big
Culture: The new Latino family
Beauty: Fall makeup trends
Women’s Health: Breast cancer updates
Food: Day of the Dead
Finance: My child’s savings account
Relationships: How to survive a breakup
Special Report: 5 cars that Latino families love
Pets: Pros and cons of adopting a new puppy

Toy Special
Ad Close 8.28.15 Distribution 10.23.15
Education: Increase your child’s vocabulary
Health: Fighting back against childhood diabetes
Culture: Volunteer acts to teach your child
Finance: Insurance policy must-haves
Toys: The 25 most wanted toys of the year
Beauty: Break your bad skin habits
Development: Life skills every child needs
Star Mom: 5 things you learned about yourself when you became a parent
Travel: Visiting my family’s country of origin
Food: Thanksgiving the Latin way

Relationships: Accessories to improve it
Editor’s letter: Touchscreen generation

December/January 2016
Ad Close 10.2.15 Distribution 11.25.15
Health: Scientific and holistic approaches to combating flu season
Culture: How to raise kids with morals
Beauty: Get fairytale hair!
Travel: Celebrate the New Year in family-friendly resorts
Food: Sweet Christmas
Finance: How to survive on one income

Relationships: Gifts that say I love you, without breaking the bank
Star Mom: How to keep your family’s traditions alive while adding new ones

Special Report: Recap Touchscreen generation
Gift Guide: Creative holiday gifts under $50

Pets: Wardrobe for pets

* All dates and editorial subject to change.

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