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Health and Nutrition
Ad Close 12.12.14 Distribution 2.6.15
Development: 7 reasons why kids need sleep
Kid’s Health: Facts about diabetes
Food/Nutrition: Family-friendly products low in sodium and fat
Behavior/Values: Guilt free discipline
Culture: Granny, nanny or me?
Beauty: TLC for your skin
Women’s Health: Heat up your sex life
Travel: Best Family Destinations in West Florida
Food: Rice the Latin way
Finance: Is my money safe at the bank?

The Green Issue
Ad Close 1.30.15 Distribution 3.27.15
Development: Are they ready…to give up the pacifier, sleep in a bed or drink from a cup?
Community: The boom of Hispanic malls
Outdoor Fun: Raise a kid who loves the earth
Kids Fashion: Spring trends for kids
Beauty: All natural beauty
First Person: “I’m black and Latina”
Finance:: Sending money overseas
Food: Family breakfasts
Special Report: Kids with special needs— How to navigate the system
Pets: Pets column
Travel: Best family cruises

All About Mom
Ad Close 2.20.15 Distribution 4.17.15
Health: Allergy test
Safety: Keep kids away from guns
Family: How much technology is OK?
Behavior: Stop spanking
Beauty: Pamper yourself on Mother’s Day
Culture: Sleepovers—cultural clash
Travel: Beach bliss (Caribbean, Pacific Mexico, etc.)
Finance: Credit Unions vs. banks
Food: Nutritious grilled cheese
Beauty: Create a Mommy & Me nail salon

Summer Fun/Active Life
Ad Close 3.27.15 Distribution 5.22.15
Health: Sun protection guide
Safety: Infected food
Development: Is your child growing normally?
Fun: The 10 best theme parks
Beauty: Get ready for the beach
Relationships: : Be a better dad
Culture: Tradition and trends in choosing kids’ names
Birthday Feature: Party in a package: Top 10 food chains for birthdays
Travel: Family music festivals
Food: Best grilling options

Ad Close 5.29.15 Distribution 7.24.15
Special Report: Day care crisis and solutions
Health: Stop the rash
First Person: Should parents help their kids with homework?
Nutrition: Smart snacking
Behavior: When they misbehave in public
Fashion: Back-to-school fashion
Culture: The sex talk
Special section: Fun cooking with kids
Food: Salads galore
Finance: Credit report vs. credit rating
Beauty:End of Summer Beauty Rehab

The Hispanic Community
Ad Close 7.24.15 Distribution 9.18.15
Health: The vaccine debate Safety
Choosing the best car seat Development: 5 creative ways to play with your baby
Behavior: Big Sib Blues
First Person: “We’re same sex parents”
Culture (Heritage month): What you should know about the Hispanic family
Beauty: Fall makeup trends
Women’s Health: Breast cancer treatments
Food: Healthy waffles and pancakes
Finance: How much money should I put in my savings account?

Toy Special
Ad Close 8.28.15 Distribution 10.23.15
Special Report: Close the knowledge gap word by word
Health: Dental do’s and don’ts
Culture: Kids having kids (teenage moms)
Finance: Credit vs. debit cards
Toys: Best Toys of the Year
Beauty:Break your bad skin habits
Development: The life skills every child needs
First Person: Raising a child with Down Syndrome
Travel: My parents’ country of origin: Guatemala/Perú
Food: Thanksgiving turkey, the Latin way

December/January 2016
Ad Close 10.2.15 Distribution 11.25.15
Health: Pediatricians’ advice and home remedies for colds and the flu
Development: Your child’s brain on TV
Values: How to raise kids with morals
Traditional holidays: Does Santa Claus exist?
Beauty: Get fairytale hair!
Travel: My parents’ country of origin: Mexico
Relationships: New Year’s resolutions
Food: Sweet Christmas
Finance: Credit rating and loan costs

* All dates and editorial subject to change.

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