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2012 Welcome Issue Rates

  750,000 Distribution (Annual)  
Full Page $73,110
2/3 P4C $57,100
1/2 P4C $39,940
1/3 P4C $29,330
375,000 Distribution (6 Months)
Full Page $39,940
2/3 P4C $31,930
1/2 P4C $23,920
1/3 P4C $15,910
Rates effective January 1, 2012; all rates are gross.

Circulation Guarantee
The Magazine is a member of the Business of Performing Audits (BPA). The following rate base guarantee is based on the BPA's reported circulation for the Magazine averaged over the calendar year in which advertising is placed. Publisher guarantees circulation to national advertisers by brand of advertised product or service. In the event the audited twelve (12)-month average circulation does not meet the guaranteed rate base, Publisher shall grant rebates to the advertiser in ad space credit only, which must be used within six (6) months following the issuance of audited BPA statements for the period of shortfall. Rebates will be calculated based on the difference between the stated rate base at time of publication and the BPA audited 12-month average. Publisher does not guarantee circulation to regional advertisers, and regional circulations reported by the BPA are used by Publisher only as a basis for determining the Magazine's advertising rates.


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