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Advertising Effectiveness

  • Measure Program Impact/Accountability
    • ROI/accountability programs range from attitude shifts to sales tracking; both syndicated and custom measurement
    • Meredith Sales Guarantee: measures the impact of advertising campaigns on brand and category sales
    • Purchase Path Maximizer: helps to identify sales bottlenecks and hone consumer messaging to open purchase funnel/increase sales
    • Brand Pulse: offers perceptions of brand personality
    • Ad Lab: critiques creative messaging and execution

Proprietary Category Studies

  • Better Homes and Gardens Food Factor: How America Cooks, Eats and Shops
    This study expores the process, motivations, attitudes and behaviors relating to food preparation and buying and evaluates what drives consumer brand decisions regarding food.

  • Meredith Parents Network: MomTrak
    Motherhood is a unique lifestage trigger - a catalyst for everything from shifting priorities and shopping habits, to changes in purchase behavior. Through our MomTrak research, the Meredith Parents Network seeks to understand what's important to moms at all stages of motherhood across all product categories. What are their key motivations at a time when lightspeed technological changes continue to impact how they consume media and information?
    - What Do Moms Want?
    - Moms and Beauty
    - Moms and Media 1&2
    - Baby Registry

  • Still Standing: The Enduring Appeal of Home in America
    Meredith commissioned the Futures Company to conduct a study that explores what home means to consumers today. Findings affirm that the aspirational attraction of home is undiminshed, and that home ownership continues to inspire interest and passion among Americans.

Consumer Insights

  • Consumer Connections
    Meredith's Consumer Connections surveys are proprietary category surveys conducted among readers and online visitors across all Meredith brands, as well as a random sample of U.S. women. Categories explored include Beauty, Food, Finance, Auto, Retail and Home.

  • Editorial Roundtables
    As a result of their ongoing dialogue with women, Meredith editors gain highly personal insight into their lives, needs and preferences. The roundtable workshop is a valuable forum for sharing information and better understanding the trends that affect your business.

  • "Meredith Knows Women" Online Consumer Panel
    Quantitative insights among 175,000+ women who have opted in to participate in ongoing research.

  • Real Women Talking
    Qualitative insights through Meredith's private, invitation-only online community of 300 women.

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